How to decide whether or not websites are appropriate?

1. Accuracy of Web Documents

***Who wrote the page? Can you contact him or her?
***Is there information on the Web about him or her?
***Is the person qualified to write this document?


***Make sure author provides e-mail or a contact address/phone number.
2. Authority of Web Documents

***Is it a known site? Was it published?
***Is there copyright information?
***Is there information that it was published?


Make sure there is a publisher/copyright information and a date (usually on the bottom).
3. Objectivity of Web Documents

***What is the purpose of the site?
***How detailed is the information?
***What opinions (if any) are expressed by the author?


***If the pager advertises or discusses religious or persuasive topics do not use.
***Ask yourself: why was this written and for whom?

4. Currency of Web Documents

***When was it produced?
***Is it current?
***Are the links inactive or active?


***If there are multiple inactive links do not use. If the site created more than 10 years ago do not use.
5. Coverage of the Web Documents

***Is it all images or a balance of text and images? ***Is the information presented cited correctly?


***If the site requires you pay to before proving any valid information do not use.

***HELPFUL HINT: If your site ends in .gov, .com, .org and .edu they are generally good sites to use!